Saturday, April 27, 2013

We've been crazy usual but still finding a little time to squeeze in some stitches and shopping. 

Here's a skirt my Joy made with a little guidance.  It only took a couple of hours and will go together much quicker the second time around.  We used Burda Kids pattern 9547.  It can be made as a two or three tier skirt.  

My Joy also made garlic knots a week ago...ymmmm!  Who cares if it gives us horrible garlic breath!

Here's another fun quilt my Joy pieced...last summer, I think.  The pattern is "Fanstastic-O! Fat Fun" from Threaded Pear Studio.  I don't remember what the fabric line.  We love the jumbo ric rac.  I quilted it using wavy lines (machine pattern, not free motion) to go along with the ric rac.

boo & Joy

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