Monday, April 8, 2013

My Joy and I have been following many (the list is growing!) quilting blogs.  What fun it has been to see what others are creating!  I'm in awe of the talent out there!

I've been quilting off and on for a number of years...honestly, more off than on.  I've not actually made very many quilts.  That's going to change this year!  Now that my kids are a little older, it's a little easier to sneak downstairs and quilt for awhile.  It's especially fun when my Joy is sewing with me.

Here are a couple of pictures of finished next goal is to figure out how to FMQ!

"Gi Gi Girl" pattern is from the book Let the Good Times Roll by Anka's Treasures.  The fabric, "Bazaar Tonga Treat Strips" is from Fat Quarter Shop

I made this quilt for our bedroom...or should I say this top?  The fabric is "Whimsy" by Pillow and Maxfield.  The pattern is "OliveRose" by Valori Wells.  The pattern used to be free on The Stitchin' Post website but I don't see it now.  I started it over a year ago and finished the top in February.

I bought the fabric for this quilt when my Joy was really little and just finished the top last year...I think.  I can't find the pattern and I have no idea what the fabric line is.

I really need to figure out how to quilt something other than straight lines!  I purchased a couple of books on how to machine quilt so I'm off to practice! 



  1. Hello Boo,

    Such cheerful colourful quilts!

    How lovely that Joy likes to sew with you. My daughter takes after her dad when it comes to sewing. There's no hope for her. However we have a wonderful 10 year old friend who comes round to sew. If you look at my blog post for 14th December you'll see a doll quilt "Lily's Choice" which we made together.

    Love from England,

    1. Wow! A comment all the way from cool is that! Love "Lily's Choice".

  2. The Free Motion Quilt Project website is a fantastic resource for learning new quilting designs! And there are so so many great videos showing how to do different free motion quilting patterns. How fun that you are sharing this with your daughter! You guys make some very nice quilts :-)

    1. I totally forgot about that website! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. What a grteat idea for a blog! And you already have some great quilts! Thanks for sharing on let's get acquainted.

  4. Fab quilts Boo, looking forward to watching your adventures with fmq :)