Thursday, January 2, 2014

Quilt For Leslie...and Fun Chevron

I finally finished the quilt!  This was the biggest quilt I've quilted and had some challenges...I had 2 false starts (quilting followed by ripping!).  In the end I just did straight lines.  Kinda boring but once it was washed, it was a beautiful quilt.

I presented the quilt to Leslie the day before Thanksgiving break.  It was an honor to give it to her!

My next project is a chevron quilt.  I sewed, cut and pressed all the squares.  I initially skipped trimming the squares (laziness does not work well when quilting!) but when I realized nothing was matching up I decided trimming was necessary.

Because I'm a rule follower, I pressed all the pieces to the dark side.  This made it hard to sew the squares together... even though I pinned, the pieces slipped or wouldn't go under the presser foot easily. (insert mild swearing)  So now I'm trimming and pressing the seams open. I hope this is the right thing to do!  Does anyone out there know?

As you can see there are now different pieces and piles...some still on the floor, some trimmed and pressed, some sewn together waiting to be ripped out. :(  The squares are 4 3/4"

Oh, in case you are wondering why there are wine glasses so close to my sewing, it's not because I drink that much!  We are ripping out our carpet and putting in wood floors all over the house which means everything needs to be either moved to the basement or to the garage.

Happy New Year!
boo & my Joy